Do You Need to License Your Dog?

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! While we celebrate all the pups who are busy snuggling into their new families, our veterinarians at Adobe Veterinary Center want to remind you that licensing your new dog is required by Arizona state law.

Splash Safely with These Swimming Safety Tips for Dogs

Swimming is one of the best ways for dogs to exercise during the summer. Most dogs love to splash around, and the cooling water reduces their risk of heatstroke and prevents them from burning their paws while running on hot pavement.

Pet Insurance…Where to start

Pet Insurance…Where to start Pet insurance sounds like a novel concept for any dog or cat owner. Our clients ask us frequently which pet insurance we recommend at Adobe. We do not recommend one insurance company over the other. Typically we offer inquiring individuals multiple insurance pamphelets and report the companies that our clients mention… Continue reading Pet Insurance…Where to start

Pumpkin Decorating Contest Winner!

Pumpkin Decorating Contest Winner! We are happy to announce that the winner of our annual Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Contest is Tin Man! Great job to the winners and thanks to everyone for their creativity and effort, it was another great contest!

People Food: Safe or Toxic

People Food: Safe or Toxic We would love for our pets to be able to have that occasional “people food” treat. Although, we do not encourage those treats frequently we do want our clients to be informed of the foods that are safe for people but dangerous for your pets. The following foods may be… Continue reading People Food: Safe or Toxic

Trick knees and bunny hops!

What are luxating patellas? Trick knees, floating knee caps, or as we call them luxating patellas are most commonly diagnosed in small or toy breed dogs, but are also less commonly found in cats as well.

Love is in the air…

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and that means love is in the air. Soon your pets will be exposed to many flowers, candies, and chocolates! The following is a list of 5 toxins to watch our for this Valentine’s day:

Thunderstorm anxiety

Monsoon season is swiftly approaching. It’s not just the boom of thunder that generates a fear response in fearful dogs. Lightning, wind, rain, dark skies, changes in barometric pressure and even odors can elicit a fearful response.

Common Household Hazards

Our homes contain a variety of everyday items and substances that we may not consider dangerous, but can be dangerous or even fatal if ingested by our furry friends. By becoming aware of the most common hazards, you can protect your pet’s health.