Pet Resort Contract

We discourage bringing items from home as pets tend to mark or destroy them when other animals are nearby. We have bedding and toys for all or our guests.

Authorization for Medical Treatment

Adobe Pet Resort always takes all necessary precautions to keep our guests safe during their stay. We will always make every effort to contact you if your pet has a serious or life-threatening emergency. If Adobe Pet Resort cannot reach you or your Agent, Adobe will make healthcare decisions for your Pet based on the recommendations of Adobe Veterinary Center’s team of professionals.

In an emergent or in non-emergent situations, I give my permission for treatment of my pet up to the designated amount.

You must indicate one of the following for each pet staying with us:

Unlimited CareUnder $1500Under $500

If your pet has a minor medical issue, (ear infection, broken toenail, etc.), please indicate your preference below by initialing one of the options.

I do want you to make every effort to contact me prior to any medical treatment no matter the medical condition is. I do understand that if I cannot be reached, that the veterinarian will treat my pet’s condition as I have allowed by signing this contract.I do not want a phone call for minor medical issues, just treat the medical condition.