At Adobe Veterinary Center, our livestock veterinarians are highly experienced in and knowledgeable about the care and management of farm animals. For farms of all sizes with male animals that are not intended for breeding, we recommend livestock neutering.

Why Should You Neuter Your Livestock?

Farm animals serve a variety of purposes beyond reproduction. We keep them for their eggs, meat, grazing and weed control, and for their fibers and fleece.
When farm animals are not kept for breeding, then the most responsible choice is to neuter your male livestock. There are several reasons why we recommend livestock neutering. These include:


Intact male farm animals are more aggressive. They can be aggressive toward other animals and their keepers. They also display higher levels of food aggression. As a result, they must be kept separate from other animals (also to prevent unwanted reproduction) and they can pose a threat to you at feeding times.

Population Control

When operating any size farm, population control is of the utmost importance for responsibly managing the acreage of your land and also for controlling your animal care budget. The more animals you have, the higher the cost of feeding them and providing them the veterinary care they need.

When to Neuter a Male Farm Animal

When it comes to neutering male livestock, timing can be delicate. It’s important to wait long enough for a male animal’s urethra to develop fully to prevent problems with future urinary tract blockages.
However, for you and your livestock to get the most benefit from neutering, we recommend castrating livestock before they reach sexual maturity. Older animals can still be castrated, but waiting past the point of sexual maturity means you risk unwanted reproduction.
If you decide to wait longer to neuter your livestock, it’s of the utmost importance that males be kept separately from females to prevent unwanted reproduction, increased maintenance costs, and an overly crowded farm.

Comprehensive Livestock Care With Adobe Veterinary Center

At Adobe Veterinary Center, our livestock veterinarians specialize in providing comprehensive wellness, preventative, emergency, and sick animal care to all types of farm animals including ruminants, camelids, and pigs.
We offer livestock veterinary care in both our out-patient clinic, 24/7 emergency care center, and on-farm for your convenience with our ambulatory large animal medical clinic.
To learn more about livestock neutering and our livestock veterinary services in Tucson or to schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact our office today.