Cat Neuters

Adobe Veterinary Center is committed to making your pet’s surgery as safe, comfortable, and stress-free as possible.

We include these steps in our neuter procedures for all cats.

  • Thorough exam by a doctor before the neuter procedure
  • Pre-medications to decrease any anxiety and support the pet’s body systems
  • Individualized anesthetic and pain management plans for each pet
  • High quality anesthetic agents given through the vein and airway
  • One-on-one monitoring by a specially trained technician using a pulse oximeter, EKG and respiratory monitor throughout the procedure
  • Circulating warm water pad, warm air blanket, warm water bottles and warm towels to reduce the risk of hypothermia and keep your pet comfortable
  • Continual monitoring for discomfort and use of pain medications before during and after surgery in all patients. We also use laser therapy to decrease inflammation and discomfort.
  • Post-surgical care by a trained technician in our ICU area including warm blanket changes, potty walks and TLC
  • Discharge appointment with home care instructions



We work hard to keep our prices for our surgical procedures as low as possible without compromising the high level of service, safety and comfort we provide to your pets and thereby to you.