Livestock Digital Radiology

In veterinary medicine, an accurate diagnosis is essential to providing safe and effective treatment. Often, diagnoses cannot be reached without diagnostic imaging which allows our livestock and farm animal veterinarians to evaluate an animal’s internal structures. At Adobe Veterinary Center, we’re pleased to offer superior care to our patients with digital radiology also called digital x-ray.

What Is Digital Radiology?

Similar to traditional radiology, digital radiology uses x-ray radiation to produce digital images (x-rays or radiographs) of a patient’s internal structures. Instead of depositing an image on film which then needs to be developed, digital radiographs are developed with the click of a button. We can easily enlarge and enhance these images or share them with veterinary specialists to obtain second opinions.
Digital radiology requires a much shorter exposure time than traditional, film x-rays, exposing patients to less radiation. As a result, this diagnostic test can be safely used on young animals and even pregnant females.

How Do Veterinarians Use Digital Radiology?

Veterinarians use digital radiology to assess injuries and evaluate the size, shape, and placement of a patient’s organs, to locate growths and masses, and to assess bone health. X-rays can be used to detect and diagnose a variety of diseases and conditions including musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases, and more.

When Are Digital Radiographs Recommended?

Our veterinarians might recommend diagnostic imaging for livestock in a variety of situations. For example, diagnostic imaging is often needed during the diagnosis of a sick or injured animal. Diagnostic imaging in the form of digital x-rays might also be required for issuing health certificates for farm animals or other livestock before a sale, transfer, or transport.

Mobile Veterinary Diagnostics for Livestock in Tucson

At Adobe Veterinary Center, our livestock veterinarians provide exceptional, 24/7 mobile care to our clients’ animals. Whether we’re visiting your property for a routine checkup or coming out for a sick animal appointment, our mobile digital radiology unit enables us to provide thorough and effective care to our patients on-site. Using digital radiology, we can treat all livestock and farm animals, including ruminants (cows, sheep, and goats), camelids (llamas and alpacas), and pigs.
To learn more about Adobe Veterinary Center’s livestock and farm animal services, we welcome you to schedule an appointment today.