Although birth is a normal part of the reproductive cycle, problems can and do occur. For this reason, it’s essential that you and/or a livestock veterinarian be present to vigilantly monitor the birthing process.

Signs a Goat Is Going Into Labor

If you know the day when your buck had access to your doe, then you should be able to fairly accurately calculate the gestational period of 150 to 155 days and have a rough idea of when your doe should be going into labor.
Additional signs that a doe is beginning labor include:
If you are uncertain when your doe conceived, our veterinarians can typically help you determine the stage of pregnancy and monitor your goat’s progress with the use of ultrasounds throughout gestation.

Why Does Goat Dystocia Occur

Goat dystocia (difficulties with the birthing process) can occur for a variety of reasons including:
Additionally, health problems that put excessive stress on a goat going into labor can cause delivery challenges. These conditions include:
Scheduling regular veterinary checkups for expecting does leading up to the anticipated time of delivery can help ensure that any existing or developing health problems are addressed right away to encourage a normal, healthy birthing process.

Recognizing Goat Dystocia and What to Do in the Event of a Difficult Birth

In goats, the labor process requires an average of 12 hours and the actual delivery should be complete within about 30 minutes.

Signs of Goat Dystocia

Signs your doe is experiencing difficulties with the birthing process include:

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether a goat is in distress and needs assistance with birthing. That’s why we recommend having an experienced livestock veterinarian available to monitor the condition of the doe and kid throughout the labor and birthing process.


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