Digital Radiology

At Adobe Veterinary Center, we strive to provide patients with the best possible care. We’re proud to offer digital radiology as an integral part of our in-house diagnostic services for small animals.

What Is Radiology?

Radiology is a diagnostic tool, which uses x-rays to take pictures of a patient’s internal structures. These images are called radiographs. Safe and non-invasive, radiographs can be used to assess bones, soft tissues, and to locate accidentally ingested foreign objects — without the need for exploratory surgery.

What Is Digital Radiology?

Digital radiographs are similar to old-fashioned radiographs, also called x-rays, but they’re fast and much more accurate. Instead of capturing an image on film, waiting for its development, and possibly having to take new x-rays if the first set didn’t turn out, digital x-rays allow us to capture images using a digital sensor plate.
Once taken, the images are almost immediately displayed on a computer screen. We can lighten or darken images and clean up the resolution to make unreadable images (of impatient pets) clearer. We can also easily share digital radiographs with veterinary specialists outside of our clinic, if a second opinion is needed, without waiting for snail mail correspondence.

When Is Digital Radiology Used?

A sick or injured pet will often require a few diagnostic tests in order to determine the extent of an injury or to diagnose a disease. Radiology might be used if your pet exhibits symptoms of one or more of the following medical concerns:
With the ability to view your pet’s internal structures, our veterinarians can obtain a comprehensive picture of your pet’s condition and health, pinpointing what’s wrong to administer personalized treatment.

A Fast Diagnosis Means Prompt Treatment and Relief

The increased speed and detail available thanks to our digital radiology department allows our veterinarians to provide quick diagnoses and administer almost immediate treatment to sick pets. Digital radiology helps us provide relief and put pets on the road to recovery right away. With accurate diagnosis, we’re able to recommend safe, effective treatments for sick and injured pets, without having to guess what might be wrong or wait for traditional x-rays film to develop.
For more information about digital radiology for small pets or our other diagnostic services, we welcome you to contact Adobe Veterinary Center today.