Diagnostic Lab Services

Unfortunately, pets have no way to tell us when they’re sick or to describe exactly how they are feeling. As a result, veterinarians must rely on physical examinations and diagnostic testing to determine when a pet is sick and exactly what’s causing the problem. At Adobe Veterinary Center, we proudly provide our patients with an in-house laboratory and diagnostic services, which allows us to quickly diagnose pets, provide immediate treatment, and quick relief.

In-House Laboratory Services Provide Quick Answers

Urinalysis, Fecal, and Blood Testing

These types of diagnostic tests can reveal nearly endless information about a pet’s overall health and organ function. We can detect the presence of infection, parasites, acute or chronic disease, and viruses using these tests. Laboratory testing even allows us to assess how well a pet’s kidneys, liver, or heart are functioning.


Electrocardiography, or EKG, measures and records the electric activity happening in a pet’s heart. EKG tests can reveal problems like arrhythmia, heart disease, and other cardiac concerns.

X-Ray and Ultrasound

X-ray and ultrasounds allow a veterinarian to look inside of your pet’s body. X-rays take a still image of your pet’s internal structures, while ultrasounds use sound waves to image moving pictures of your pet’s insides. Veterinarians use these diagnostic tests to detect fractures, tumors, ingested objects, and even to observe the function of your pet’s circulatory system and organs in real-time.


Using an endoscope (a small camera), our veterinarian can evaluate your pet’s digestive system, looking for polyps, signs of cancer, or other issues.

We Receive Complex Results Fast with IDEXX Reference Laboratory

Some less-common laboratory tests require specialized equipment or analysis by a board-certified veterinary specialist. When a pet patient requires more complex laboratory analysis, we work closely with a highly reputable reference laboratory. IDEXX Reference Laboratory works with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained, certified specialists to provide our clinic with quick, accurate results.

Comprehensive Small Animal Care with Diagnostics for Wellness Screening and Sick Pets

At Adobe Veterinary Center, we proudly provide comprehensive care for small pets, using in-house diagnostic testing. Whether diagnosing a sick pet’s symptoms or assessing a healthy pet for preventative care purposes, our diagnostic lab provides quick results, allowing us to administer the best possible care. For more information about our in-house capabilities or reference laboratory, we welcome you to contact our office or schedule an appointment for your pet today.