Celebrating Routine Veterinary Care During National Pet Wellness Month

October is National Pet Wellness Month, and we like to use the opportunity to join other veterinary professionals around the nation in raising awareness about the importance of wellness examinations and preventative care for pets.

8 Reasons Why Wellness Exams and Preventative Care Is So Important for Pets

1. Baseline of Pet's Health

During wellness examinations, we can establish a baseline of your pet’s health. This makes it more likely that we’ll detect early signs of issues that could develop as your pet ages.

2. Prevent Disease

Routine veterinary care is designed to prevent avoidable diseases with a combination of vaccinations, nutritional guidance, health screening, and lifestyle advice.

3. Protect From Parasites

We can also help you protect your pets from parasites and the diseases that they carry. We’ll recommend an effective parasite prevention product for your pet that will be effective while also being safe for all the people and pets living in your household.

4. Early Disease Detection and Treatment

With regular veterinary examinations and health screening appointments, it’s much more likely that we’ll detect and diagnose illnesses before your pet even suffers (or displays) symptoms. This means we’ll have a better chance of successfully treating and resolving these health concerns than we would have if a pet were to be diagnosed after a disease has progressed further.

5. Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance

Routine appointments are the perfect opportunity to get professional advice regarding your pet’s diet, exercise, environment, and lifestyle.

6. Better Sick Pet and Emergency Care

Since we’re already familiar with your pet’s medical history, we’ll be able to treat them more effectively if they become sick or injured.

7. It Prevents More Costly Care

Wellness and preventative care are less expensive than treating a pet that has fallen ill with a preventable disease or treating a pet with an advanced disease that could have been more easily addressed if detected early on.

8. Have a Healthy and Happy Pet

The primary reason to invest in wellness and preventative care for pets is that it gives your pet the best chance at living a long, healthy, and happy life.

Schedule a Wellness and Preventative Care Appointment for Your Tucson Pet Today

We recommend that healthy adult dogs and cats visit the veterinary clinic at least once a year for an examination and preventative care. Senior pets, puppies, and kittens typically need to visit the clinic on a more frequent basis for booster vaccines and/or health screening appointments. To learn more or schedule your pet’s next appointment, we welcome you to contact Adobe Veterinary Center today.

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