National Spay Day: The Health Benefits Of Spaying Your Pet

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the overall health and well-being of your furry friends. Spaying your animals has numerous health benefits that can help them live longer, healthier lives. Spaying is a medical procedure that involves removing the reproductive organs of a female animal. Read below to explore the several health benefits of spaying your pet!

5 Puppy Training Tips for National Train Your Dog Month

As you start to bond with your new pet, one of the most important steps in bonding and setting your pet up for a happy life is training. Without proper training, puppies can grow up to become misbehaved dogs that don’t understand the types of behaviors that are expected of them.

Get Festive With Holiday Treats for Horses

If you have a horse, then you know a horse can be your best friend and an important part of your family. So, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate the holidays with your horse, too? While your horse might not fit under the tree to unwrap gifts on Christmas morning, they can appreciate a good holiday treat. Consider including your horse in the holiday festivities with these healthy holiday treats for horses.

Get Creative on National Cook for Your Pet Day

Halloween is over, and we humans have been positively stuffed with sweet treats – most of which are toxic to pets. So, we recommend giving your pets a special food by celebrating National Cook for Your Pet Day on November 1st by whipping up some fun, pet-friendly treats at home!

Essential Information on Stomach Ulcers in Horses for GI Health Month

There are several different types of gastric ulcer diseases with a variety of causes that can occur in horses. This group of gastrointestinal health concerns is referred to as Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS). These ailments are quite common in horses during all stages of life. In fact, an estimated 25-50% of foals and 60-90% of adult horses suffer from some type of EGUS.

National Pet Health Insurance Month: Insure Your Pet Today!

September is National Pet Health Insurance Month, and it’s a good time to think about whether you should look into health coverage for your pet. Pet insurance exists primarily to make sure your furry friend gets everything they need and deserves in terms of healthcare.

How to Keep Farm Animals Healthy: Tips for All Year Long

Farm animals are an important part of many families and businesses. Keeping them healthy is crucial for their well-being, as well as the success of the farm. Adobe Veterinary Center is happy to share some basic tips for keeping your farm animals healthy and happy all year long.

National Wellness Month: Nutrients Your Pets Need to Stay Healthy

Proper nutrition is one of the most basic, yet challenging, forms of wellness care for your pets, that is why here at Adobe Veterinary Center, we provide pet parents with nutrition counseling to help them establish and maintain healthy diets for their furry friends throughout their lives.

Equine Vaccination Best Practices

Vaccines are among the most important wellness and preventative care treatments for both people and animals because they protect us from contracting highly dangerous contagious diseases. To determine the best vaccine schedule for your horse call us today!