5 Puppy Training Tips for National Train Your Dog Month

Congratulations on adopting a new puppy! You and your new, furry best friend have plenty of adventures, lots of bonding, and plenty of love ahead of you. As you start to bond with your new pet, one of the most important steps in bonding and setting your pet up for a happy life is training. Without proper training, puppies can grow up to become misbehaved dogs that don’t understand the types of behaviors that are expected of them.

Consider the following tips to help your puppy start learning the basics of good behavior.

5 Tips for Training Your New Puppy

1. Use Positive Reinforcement

Punishment is not a good training tool for dogs, as it can lead to a dog mistrusting its owner. Instead, reward good behavior with treats, pets, and praise.

2. Get a Clicker (aka Marker)

When training, you can mark your pet’s good behavior with a clicker and then follow up with a treat or praise.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency during training is key. Do not make exceptions for bad behavior and do not forget to praise your dog for their good behavior – especially when they display desired behaviors outside of your official training time.

4. Remember Socialization Is Essential

Socialization is essential to raising a happy dog, and the window for it is small. While your pet’s a puppy, they can be socialized by being safely exposed to a variety of different things that might otherwise seem frightening. This means getting your pet outside (on a leash) in several different dog-friendly locations to see different people, animals, vehicles, and other sights while experiencing new sounds, tastes, smells, and textures.

5. Sign Up for a Class

Attending group puppy training classes with your puppy is the perfect opportunity for dual learning and socialization time. You and your pet will learn new training skills while your puppy is safely exposed to other people, pets, and a variety of sensory experiences in the outside world.

Schedule a New Pet Appointment at Adobe Veterinary Center

To make sure your puppy is set up for living a healthy and happy life and is able to access all the fun puppy schools and training classes available, we encourage you to schedule a new pet appointment right away. Our veterinarians will examine your puppy, screen them for any potential health concerns, and ensure they have the vaccinations and parasite preventatives they need to stay healthy while exploring the world and socializing with other people and pets.
To learn more or schedule an appointment , we welcome you to contact Adobe Veterinary Center in Tucson today.

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