Beware of These Common Household Items and Plants

The things that we as two-leggers love to keep around our homes are not always safe for our favorite four-legged friends. Many items that help us live comfortably can be incredibly harmful, toxic, and dangerous to animals.

Summer Safety for Pets and Livestock in Tucson

Summer everywhere can be dangerous for pets and livestock, but it’s an especially dangerous time for animals here. Tucson’s extreme summer temperatures and arid climate put animals at an elevated risk of dehydration and heatstroke.

Splash Safely with These Swimming Safety Tips for Dogs

Swimming is one of the best ways for dogs to exercise during the summer. Most dogs love to splash around, and the cooling water reduces their risk of heatstroke and prevents them from burning their paws while running on hot pavement.

My Pet’s Face Is Swelling! What Should I Do?

If an animal’s nose, eyes, cheeks, and/or muzzle become swollen, this is a sign your pet is having an allergic (anaphylactic) reaction. This occurs when a pet is exposed to an allergen.

Rattlers on the move

Rattlesnakes… They seem to pop up everywhere here in Tucson, Arizona. You see them in parking lots, trails, your backyard, and some even get INTO the house! Unfortunately these venomous reptiles are way too common.

People Food: Safe or Toxic

People Food: Safe or Toxic We would love for our pets to be able to have that occasional “people food” treat. Although, we do not encourage those treats frequently we do want our clients to be informed of the foods that are safe for people but dangerous for your pets. The following foods may be… Continue reading People Food: Safe or Toxic

Common Household Hazards

Our homes contain a variety of everyday items and substances that we may not consider dangerous, but can be dangerous or even fatal if ingested by our furry friends. By becoming aware of the most common hazards, you can protect your pet’s health.