Fleas Aren't Just a Summer Problem – Why All Pets Needs Year-Round Parasite Protection

It’s a common misconception that parasites, especially fleas, are only a summer problem in Tucson. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Thanks to our year-round beautiful weather, Tucson never really gets cold enough for fleas or ticks to die. Even if our temperatures did drop below zero for several days in a row, external parasites like fleas and ticks could still find safety in the areas close to (or even inside!) our comfortably warm homes. Since fleas and ticks pose a threat to our pets throughout the year, our Tucson veterinarians recommend year-round preventatives for all of our furry patients.

Do Indoor Pets Need Parasite Control, Too?

Absolutely, yes! We recommend that both outdoor and indoor pets have protection against parasites because indoor pets are actually at just as much risk of picking up fleas and ticks as outdoor pets.
All it takes is a single trip to the backyard for a bathroom break, a walk around the block, or a romp in the park with an indoor pet for your cat or dog to pick up fleas or flea eggs. Even if your cat lives exclusively indoors, they can sometimes get outside or even get fleas from another household pet. It’s also possible for pests like mice or rats to carry fleas and flea eggs. If these small animals have access to any part of your home such as the garage or window sills, they could expose your pets.
Parasite prevention is much easier than addressing parasites after infestation and treating a pet who has become ill from a parasite-borne illness. Plus, parasite preventatives are safe for pets, affordable, and highly effective, which is why we always recommend safeguarding household pets from fleas and ticks.

Schedule a Parasite Protection and Wellness Appointment for Your Tucson Pet

If your pet’s parasite protection schedule has lapsed or you’re not sure which parasite preventative product is the best, safest, and the most effective choice, we encourage you to schedule a checkup with a Tucson veterinarian at Adobe Veterinary Center. We’ll examine your pet and recommend a parasite preventative that will be effective for your pet and safe for your entire household. To schedule your pet’s appointment, contact us today.