5 Things to Know About Pet Microchipping

At Adobe Veterinary Center, we strongly encourage all pet owners, livestock keepers, and horse enthusiasts to microchip their animals. Check out the following facts to learn why.

5 Important Pet Microchipping FAQs

1. What Is a Pet Microchip?

A pet microchip is a permanent form of identification for pets and proof of ownership for pet owners. The microchip itself is a very small radio frequency identification device (RFID) that is housed in a biocompatible capsule. Altogether, it’s about the size of a grain of rice.

2. How Do Pet Microchips Work?

Microchips are not GPS tracking devices. Instead, they carry a unique identifying number that can be read when scanned with a special scanning device. The number is recorded in a national database along with your name and contact information. If your pet is lost or stolen and scanned at a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, you will be notified right away.

3. Are Pet Microchips Actually Effective?

Yes! Pet microchips are highly effective at improving the chances of being reunited with a lost or stolen pet, and the proof is in the numbers. According to a study of about 7,700 hundred stray animals:
As these statistics show, microchips significantly increase the odds that your pet will be returned to you if missing.

4. How Does a Pet Get a Microchip?

Pet microchipping is a simple procedure, requiring no anesthetics, that is similar to a pet getting a vaccination. A veterinarian uses a hollow needle to insert the microchip just beneath your pet’s skin. Microchips are placed between the shoulder blades of cats and dogs and in different locations on other species of animals.

5. Does My Pet's Microchip Need Maintenance?

Pet microchips are designed to last for your pet’s whole lifetime. However, they are only effective if you keep you register your contact information with the national pet microchip database and keep it up to date. Our veterinarian will provide you with registration instructions at your pet’s appointment.

Pet Microchipping and More at Adobe Veterinary Center

At Adobe Veterinary Center, we’re proud to provide comprehensive care for a wide variety of animals. We are fully equipped to provide pet microchipping to companion animals, horses, and livestock. To learn more about microchipping your animals or to schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact our veterinary center in Tucson today.

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