Why We Require a Lepto Vaccine at Our Pet Resort

Although not all canine boarding facilities require a leptospirosis vaccine for dogs, the Pet Resort at Adobe Veterinary Center does. With the wet weather, muddier soil, and increased opportunities for pets to contract leptospirosis, November is the perfect time to answer your questions about why our boarding facility in Tucson requires dogs to have a lepto vaccine before they can book a stay in our Pet Resort.

What Is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is a highly contagious, dangerous bacterial disease that is classified as a zoonotic disease, which means both people and animals can contract it. It’s spread through the urine of infected animals: most commonly, rodents, wildlife, and livestock. Dogs often pick it up when they’re exposed by digging around in contaminated soil, splashing in puddles, or swimming in natural water.

Is Leptospirosis Really a Risk in Arizona?

Southern Arizona used to be considered a low-risk area for leptospirosis, but in recent years, we’ve seen an increase in positive cases.

The Importance of Preventing Leptospirosis

The disease is highly contagious, and infected animals shed the bacteria in their urine for a long time. Additionally, leptospirosis has severe symptoms in both dogs and people. While it can be treated with antibiotics, leptospirosis has the potential to cause permanent liver and kidney damage. It can also lead to liver and kidney failure which are fatal. The disease is not only dangerous, but treating, quarantining, and cleaning up after an infected pet requires a lot of work. With a simple and safe annual vaccination, leptospirosis is much easier prevented than dealt with after a dog contracts it.

Why We Require a Lepto Vaccine at Our Pet Resort

At Adobe Veterinary Center, we strive to provide a safe and positive experience for all guests at our Pet Resort. Like rabies, distemper, bordetella, and other dangerous and contagious diseases, we believe it’s important to make sure our boarding facility is completely free from leptospirosis contamination. Since the bacterial disease is easily transmitted and contracted by dogs, it’s essential that no dog that could have potentially contracted the disease be admitted to our pet resort. Although pet owners can protect their dogs by limiting their potential exposure to contaminated soil and water, the only 100% effective method for preventing leptospirosis is through vaccination.

Schedule Your Pet's Vaccinations and Upcoming Stay in Tucson

If your pet is overdue for vaccines or if you would like to learn more about protecting your dog and family from leptospirosis with a vaccine, we welcome you to schedule an appointment at Adobe Veterinary Center today.