Externship Opportunities for Veterinary Students

Thank you for your interest in an externship at Adobe Veterinary Center. Please take a few moments to read the following.
Here at Adobe Veterinary Center, we love to teach eager and friendly veterinary students.
Our small animal service has 3 vets and sees 15% cats and 85% dogs.
Our large animal service has 4 vets and sees 70% of our patients in the field and 30% in the clinic. The large animal species breakdown is 75% equine, 10% caprine, 10% porcine (mostly potbellied pigs), and the remaining 5% is mixed between bovine, ovine and camelids.

Present – July 2022


After July 2022

4-week mixed-animal externship (This is the only option available)
We will only have 2 students per rotation, and they will stay together on the same service schedule.

Time Expectations

Experiences That the Student Can Expect

The Ideal Student Would Be One That...


Scheduling Your Externship

University of Arizona Vet Students: You will schedule your Adobe externship through your school.


All Other Veterinary Students: Please fill out an Externship Form and we will be in touch with you directly.


All Externship Candidates: Please read the details below before applying or scheduling your externship with us.