Pet Resort Admission Form

Form - To -
If you check- out prior to 11 am, you will not be charged for that day.
I will be picking up Prior to 11 a.m.After 11 a.m.
Has he/ she received a flea and tick preventative this month? YesNo
If yes, brand


I brought my pet’s food from homePlease use the Adobe resort food

Dogs: There is a charge of $4.82/can of canned food.
Cats: There is a charge of $2.16/can of canned food.

Feeding Schedule:

Once a day AMTwice dailyThree timesFree choice
Does he/she still need to be fed today: YesNo
If your pet is not eating well, may we add some canned food?YesNo

Dogs: There is a charge of $4.82/can of canned food.
Cats: There is a charge of $2.16/can of canned food.

(If bringing more than one pet) My dogs/cats will need to be fed separately:YesNo
May we give your pet our in-house liver treats? (No charge) YesNo
May we give your pet our in-house dry food if we run out of the food you provide YesNo

Current Medications

Has he/she received all of today’s morning medications?YesNo
Charges for medication administration are as follows:
oral medications $3.15 per day, injectable medications $5.25 per day
Is he/she allergic to anything?YesNo

Please list all current and ongoing medical conditions

Is there anything else you would like us to know about your pet?

Requested A La Carte Enrichment Services:

Spa Bath ($29.50) We recommend that all dogs have a bath during their stay.Nail Trim ($17.50) / With dremmel ($23.00)Anal Sac Expression – dogs only - ($23.00)Deluxe Bath ($52.50) – bath, brush, ear cleaning, nail trim, anal sac expression The Deluxe Bath is complimentary with luxury runs.

Tasty Treats for Dogs

Kong Treat ($3.15 each)
Frosty Treats ($3.15 each)
Lean Treats ($1.05 each scoop)

Tasty Treats for Cats

Lean Treats ($1.05 each scoop)

Please provide us with an emergency contact who can make decisions for your pet(s) in the event that we cannot reach you.

May we text you pictures of your pet if we are able to capture a “picture perfect” moment or able to upload these pictures to our Social Media channels? (This may not be available for every stay) YesNo
If yes, list cell number

Personal Belongings:

All belongings must be identified with permanent marker. Adobe is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.