How to Know if Your Cat Is in Pain

One of the reasons why we love our cats is for their often mysterious behaviors that can be playful, mischievous, and admittedly difficult to predict or comprehend. As a result of their fascinating personalities, cats can be tough to read.
On top of that, cats have an instinct that tells them to mask signs of pain or illness. In the wild, this would keep them safer from predators. In our homes, however, it can sometimes prevent them from getting the veterinary care they need.
As a result, it’s up to pet owners to pay close attention to their cats’ behavior, routine, mood, appetite, appearance, and energy level to detect slight changes and behaviors that could indicate that they’re in pain.

8 Signs Your Cat Is in Pain

As you read through this list, you’ll notice that many signs of pain in cats are contradictory. That’s why you must observe your cat for changes.

1. Unusual Vocalization

2. Changes to Routine

Grooming Changes


4. Posture

5. Physical Activity

6. Aggression (in a Normally Friendly Cat)

7. Expressions

8. Guarded Behavior

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If you notice any unusual or unexplained changes in your cat, we strongly encourage you to seek veterinary care right away. Our veterinarians will examine your cat, recommend any necessary tests, and talk with you about our findings to determine the best course of action to help your cat feel better right away.
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