Happy and Merry! Pet Safety Tips for the Whole Holiday Season

Christmas, New Year’s and all of the holidays of the season provide a wonderful time to spend with loved ones. So, it’s natural that we want to celebrate the season with our pets, too. While some socializing and pet-safe treats are fun for them, you should be aware of the following dangers the holiday season poses to pets. Protecting your pets from potential harm this time of year will ensure everyone has a happy and merry season.

5 Biggest Holiday Season Dangers for Pets

1. Food
Delightful treats and delectable feasts entice pets, too. But anything made with onions, garlic, chocolate, xylitol (sweetener), alcohol, raisins or grapes is toxic for pets. Keep food cleared away and empty the trash regularly.
2. Decorations
Some seasonal decorations are toxic for pets. Avoid using flocking spray and bringing poisonous plants, like mistletoe, lilies, poinsettias and holly, into your home. Unplug twinkling lights when you are away to protect pets who like to chew.
3. Parties
Inviting lots of people into your home can overwhelm and stress even the most social pets. Create a separate, quiet space for pets when you have lots of guests and loud music playing in your home.
4. Fireworks, Noisemakers and Poppers
The loud bangs common on New Year’s Eve frighten pets, leading many to flee their homes and backyards, becoming lost. In addition to the noise, the confetti inside poppers can seriously harm a pet’s intestinal tract, if ingested. Be sure your pets are inside, have up to date identification and have a quiet space where they can take a break from the celebration.
5. Travel
If pets travel with you or stay behind, be sure their medical records and identification are up to date. Additional vaccinations might be necessary for traveling pets. Update pet identification and vaccinations, be sure pets have a safe way to ride and, of course, never drink and drive (with or without pets in the car).

Update Pet Identification and Create a Pet-Friendly Holiday Retreat

Whether you celebrate the season elsewhere or throw a festive party in your home, be sure your pets have a quiet space inside your home. Provide food, water and their favorite blankets or toys. If the noise of a party, fireworks or guests overwhelms them, they can retreat to this space – rather than watching the door for the next opportunity to dash outside. Be sure to update your pet’s ID tags and microchip contact information to ensure they can be properly identified, if they become lost during the holidays. For more information about microchips and holiday safety for pets, contact Adobe Veterinary Center in Tucson today.