Why Does My Senior Pet Need Two Exams Each Year?

Some people assume that, for cats and dogs, growing old means getting sick, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With the right wellness and preventative care, our veterinarians can help senior pets avoid age-related diseases and mobility issues that arise as a result of regular wear and tear. By adjusting your pet’s routine, nutrition, and preventative care routine, we can help your pets stay healthy long into their golden years.

Age-Related Health Problems in Pets

Age is not a disease. However, as pets age, their risk of developing a variety of medical problems increases. Some age-related diseases that affect cats and dogs include:
Although older pets are at an increased risk of developing problems like these, we can effectively prevent many diseases, slow their progression, and manage symptoms if we’re able to diagnose the disease early.

The Importance of Bi-Annual Senior Pet Appointments

When it comes to successfully treating most age-related health problems, early detection is essential, and bi-annual wellness exams make early detection and diagnosis possible. During your senior pet’s wellness appointments, we’ll perform a complete physical examination to look for changes that could indicate a health problem. Plus, we’ll run a general blood panel to test for the earliest signs of age-related disease.
If we only see your senior pet for one appointment each year, emerging diseases could potentially be able to progress and worsen for almost 12 months without treatment. With two appointments each year, we can detect and address health problems as they emerge. As a result, pets are kept healthy and happy for much longer into their golden years.

When Is My Pet a Senior?

Each pet is different, but generally:

Health Screening for Senior Pets in Tucson

At Adobe Veterinary Center, our veterinarians provide specialized care for pets as they age. In addition to recommending bi-annual wellness and preventative care appointments, we can help you navigate your pet’s changing health needs with individualized recommendations for your pet’s nutrition, lifestyle, and daily care. To learn more about senior pets and how our Tucson veterinarians can help you care for yours, we welcome you to schedule an appointment today.