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ReviewsSee what the owners of our furry friends have to say about our clinic!...

Amanda: Please tell Dr. Grimbleby and Dr. Page thank you for going out of their way to look after Cinco (and Izzy). I appreciate the patience and kindness they have taken to ensure his health and safety.

Alexandra: Dr. Amy was super sweet. We appreciated when she got down to my dogs level to make him more comfortable. A little more expensive than some but its definitely worth it for the extra special care and wonderfull employees. Im really happy with my experience.

Martha: I am extremely picky about the care of my dogs. Dr. Martin is just an excellent veterinarian as so are the Vet Techs who assist her. I always feel comfortable about bringing my dogs to Adobe. They have proven their expertise and go that extra step in providing quality care for my dogs.

Cindy: I have seen different Doctors and have been happy with the care from all of them. They all answer all questions and never seem to be rushing. I appreciate the way they all get down to my dogs level instead of putting her up on an exam table which makes her nervous.

Anne: I have always been more than satisfied with the treatment Sam has received from the techs. They are caring and loving and Sam seems to be at ease with them. Dr. Martin is exceptional in every way!

Denise: After almost 11 years of living overseas, I brought my dog back to the US. Knowing I would need to find a forever vet, Adobe Veterinary Center was recommended by a friend. I called for an appointment and was booked in the next day. The atmosphere of the Center is great, the reception we received was friendly and kind. Dr. Hans and her assistant are kind, receptive and thorough. Follow up was almost immediate. I couldn’t have been happier. Rikki and I have found our forever vet services.

Susan: Everything was explained thoroughly, and we were allowed to see what was going on during the entire appointment. Dr. Staten was able to go through treatment options, along with the prices of each and allowed us time to select what would fit our budget and yet meet the needs of our pet at the same time.

Charlotte: This was the first time I had met Dr. Grimbleby and I was so impressed with her care of my horse and her explanations of the diagnosis & the care needed!

William: Dr. Staten and Large Animal Technician Dana Kennedy have my highest recommendation for their equine care. Whether it’s for emergency medicine or routine care, they are unquestionably the finest one can imagine. All procedures are carefully explained to the horse owner in advance, and any necessary follow-up care, as well as any preventive medicine, is fully detailed. Every visit is like a mini-course for the owner in equine medicine. Equally important, they are caring, patient, and always pleasant and clearly take genuine pleasure in interacting with people as well as horses. Their “barn-side” manner is without peer. Having worked in the animal field (exotics) for my entire adult life, I have a great deal of experience with veterinarians and can say that many have a difficult time relating to human beings. That is not the case here. Dr. Staten and Technician Dana are a pleasure to deal with on every level. My highest recommendation.

Nikki: I live 45 min. away from Adobe vet (I used to live closer but I moved) but I still wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s very clean, the staff is nice, the vets are very knowledgeable and they never suggest any extra tests or anything that they don’t truly believe you need. I’ve seen both Dr. Ratzlaff and Dr. Martin and both are excellent. It’s not the cheapest place (or the most expensive for that matter) but it’s worth every penny.

Terrie: On my first visit to Adobe Veterinary Center I was very impressed. My son recommended them to me because he loves the care and compassion they show to his cats. When I brought my cat in Jaime was so calm and gentle with him that he relaxed right away. Dr. Aimee Ratzlaff won him over right away. When she was checking him over he was purring. She was so thorough and made me feel good that I was taking good care of him. Thank you Dr. Aimee Ratzlaff, Jaime and Adobe Veterinary Center! I am recommending you to all my friends and family.

Jennifer: I have been taking my dog(s) to Adobe Vet Center since I moved to Tucson, in 2009. I recently added another dog to the pack [hence the (s)], and both of them actually enjoy going to the vet. This is a big plus for me since I am not sure I could struggle with a 90lb dog and a 100lb dog that would not want to go. My 90lb-er likes it so much I have trouble controlling his excitement. Why do they like it so much? The staff are, without exception, friendly, caring and attentive. Everyone from the front office staff, to the vet techs and veterinarians. We see Dr. Martin and she is excellent. I never feel rushed in the office with her, and I appreciate her conservative approach to care. She always talks with me (not “to” me) about whatever is going on, and we discuss issues and solutions together. She takes special care to examine areas that are potential issues for my dogs – i.e. hips and legs with the Labs. I really can’t say enough good things about Adobe and Dr. Martin. I know others have mentioned that they believe their prices to be higher, but I take a great amount of responsibility for the care of my dogs and don’t think their prices are out of line at all. I’m on a tight budget as a student so I don’t spend my money lightly. I say this to tell you that it is worth the outstanding care that my dogs receive. If you are reading this review, I strongly encourage you to give them a call.

Ryan: Our cat, Shepherd, had a swollen cheek and seemed to have some difficulty chewing, so we made an appointment with Dr. Shelly Martin at Adobe. They fit us in the same day we called. Dr. Martin and the vet tech, Darci, were so kind and patient with Shepherd. After x-rays and a thorough assessment, Dr. Martin diagnosed a bone infection in Shepherd’s jaw. He is on antibiotics and some kitty pain meds for a couple of weeks. I thought the care he received was exemplary and the cost was very reasonable. Thanks Darci and Dr. M.!!

Deborah: After moving to Tucson several years ago, I was faced with the daunting task of finding all new doctors–including a vet from my three kitties. One of my friends, who is a VTT (by education), recommended Adobe Veterinary Center. Everyone on staff has been professional, super friendly and compassionate. I’ve especially appreciated Dr. Martin who helped me manage the care of my kitty through his final year after he was diagnosed with lymphoma. She advised me of treatments that included holistic options –not just medications. She always followed up on test results with me personally by phone and email, and showed extraordinary compassion when I had to finally say goodbye to my very sick kitty. Adobe even sent me a sympathy flower arrangement. Dr. Martin truly loves cats–even the grouchy ones!

Flynn: We’ve been using Adobe Vet for our dogs since we moved into Tucson five years ago. They’ve been consistently friendly, professional, and dependable. I highly recommend them!