Dr. Staten and Large Animal Technician Dana Kennedy have my highest recommendation for their equine care. Whether it’s for emergency medicine or routine care, they are unquestionably the finest one can imagine. All procedures are carefully explained to the horse owner in advance, and any necessary follow-up care, as well as any preventive medicine, is fully detailed. Every visit is like a mini-course for the owner in equine medicine. Equally important, they are caring, patient, and always pleasant and clearly take genuine pleasure in interacting with people as well as horses. Their “barn-side” manner is without peer. Having worked in the animal field (exotics) for my entire adult life, I have a great deal of experience with veterinarians and can say that many have a difficult time relating to human beings. That is not the case here. Dr. Staten and Technician Dana are a pleasure to deal with on every level. My highest recommendation.

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