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Our Pet Resort Attendants offer a home-away-from-home experience for your pets. When your pet stays with us at our remarkable pet resort, we have a variety of amenities to choose from to pamper your pet.

Our team is also highly trained and experienced on how to groom small animals, and you can rest assured your beloved companion is in good hands.

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Adobe Veterinary Center

Adobe Veterinary Center has been providing compassionate and quality veterinary care in Tucson and surrounding communities since 1979. Our veterinarians have over 65 years of combined experience to offer your animals. Each year our veterinary team attends over 150 hours of continuing education to provide your animals with the most current medical and surgical care.

If you need to board your animal while you are away, provide them with a home away from home at our pet resort. Please stop by for a guided tour of our state of the art facilities and check out our pet resort for your pet’s next staycation.

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Health Information

Pets will be weighed at check-in and will be given a brief examination. We reserve the right to treat for external parasites and/or bathe our guests at the owner’s expense if we deem it necessary. If your pet is not currently on a flea and tick preventative, you will need to sign a waiver or your pet will be treated with either a topical or oral preventative at check-in at your expense. Any pet who is not current on vaccinations, or if we don’t have current proof of vaccines the day of drop-off, will not be allowed to stay. We do not allow home vaccines. All vaccinations must be given by a licensed veterinarian. Bordetella vaccine must be administered at least 72 hours prior to check in for the pet resort. We require that all other vaccines be given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding since it takes time for immunity to develop.


Required Vaccinations

We are requiring Leptospirosis to board in our resort.

Pets are required to be current on the following vaccinations for:

  • Cat – RCP (feline distemper) and Rabies
  • Dog – Rabies, DAP, Leptospirosis, Bordetella (annually)
  • Puppies – Must be over 12 weeks of age and have received their 2nd DAP vaccine, Bordetella and 1st Leptospirosis (DAP and Leptospirosis must be given at least one week prior to stay).

We are happy to accommodate guests who need medications. All medication must be provided by the owner in its original container with the prescribing veterinarian’s label indicating the name of the guest, name of the medication, and its dosage and frequency. There are additional charges for medication administration.

Oral Medication – $3.00
Injectable Medication – $5.25


Michael G

May 24, 2020 via Google

Our dog loves this place. They take great care of him: Vet, boarding, and grooming. We tell him he is going to the vet and he can’t wait. Odd dog, but he knows quality care.

Lisa Ellis

May 24, 2020 via Google

Update–We’ve been going to Adobe for over a year now. Every appointment has been excellent. My dog is not as skittish when we et there either. We’ve now used their boarding services three times and my dog did really well. They send me a picture during her stay which is fun to get! I’ve had pets for many many years and this is the very best vet I have ever used. I highly recommend Adobe Vet Center!!!! Excellent care and excellent customer service–EVERY TIME!!!! We recently moved to Tucson and visited Adobe Veterinary for the first time. They were able to schedule us in quickly and our appointment went really well. They were very welcoming with my pet who is skittish around strangers but they handled her gently. They answered all my questions, dealt with some issues we’d been having and gave her the shots she needed. She had some real pain with the shots so when I called the next day they prescribed some pain reliever and had it ready within the hour for me to pick up. Then they called me again the following day to check on her and make sure she was doing well. Everyone was kind and considerate and the clinic was clean and orderly. Excellent experience. We loved going there and I’m relieved to have found such a great place to take my pet for her care.

Grant Smart

2 years ago

The friendly staff and exceptional care of our four legged friend has made us repeat customers. I would highly recommend their services to any friends or family. The boarding service is also nice and our pets enjoy their time there.

Jill Levy

2 years ago

Love this place and they take really good care of our pets. Reasonable prices. Flexible appointments. And our dogs do great with boarding.

Alexandra Alward

5 years ago

This place is great! It is the only facility in Tucson that I use when boarding my two dogs, Grimm and Sadie. Not only is the staff very friendly and attentive, but they are great to my pets.

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