Senior Dog Wellness Plans

We believe all pets need regular examinations. It is really important for pet’s overall health because it allows veterinarians to do a thorough check-up and evaluate their general condition.

An important part of the examination is the time spent talking with our staff. Here at Adobe Veterinary Clinic, our staff is here for you if you have any questions or concerns about things going on with your pets. We are here to discuss anything from diet to training, and much more. You might talk about something without realizing that it could be symptomatic. We might hear you say something that tells us to look closer or to run more tests to investigate the problem.

During the examination our veterinarians will look over your pets thoroughly. This is also a good time to discuss preventative medicine. We will make sure your pets are up to date on vaccinations and also make sure you have enough heartworm and flea and tick medications. We may also talk about routine deworming and other preventative medicine you need to know about.

There is another reason we recommend routine examinations. We hope to catch any problems before they turn into more serious ones. Our veterinarians are trained to catch things early before your pets are really ill. We may recommend blood work to further evaluate your pet’s overall health.

If your pets have not had an examination in awhile, please call us today to schedule one. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 520-546-8387 with any questions you may have.

Our Senior Dog Wellness Package includes:

  • Unlimited free exams
  • Two complete comprehensive preventive exams
  • All core vaccines
  • Any recommended lifestyle vaccines
  • Annual internal parasite screen
  • Chest and heart x-ray series (screening for cancer and other problems)
  • Radiographs reviewed by Veterinary Radiologist
  • Electrocardiogram (to monitor heart health)
  • Unlimited free nail trims
  • Unlimited free anal gland expressions
  • 201% discount on all Pet Resort stays
  • Free interstate health certificates
  • Annual hearthworm blood test
  • Complete Blood Count ( CBC)
  • Complete Blood Chemistry Panel (Includes electrolyte, kidney and  liver scree)
  • Complete Urinalysis
  • Thyroid blood test
  • Schirmer test for dry eye problems
  • Tonometry screen for Glaucoma
  • Body Mapping – FNA and Cytology

Cost Breakdown:

  • Value  – over $2,000
  • Cost to Owner – $1,499
  • Monthly payment – $124.92
  • One-time enrollment fee of $69 (waive if paying all up front)
  • Saving –  over $25 (over $500)

Our Senior Dog Wellness + Dental Package includes:

All benefits of the basic Senior Dog wellness package plus additional benefits:

  • Pre dental surgical exam
  • IV catheter and IV fluids during dental work
  • Surgical nursing care during dental work
  • Complete full-mouth x-rays
  • Dental cleaning and polishing
  • Continuous anesthesia monitoring
  • Surgical anesthesia during dental work


Cost Breakdown:

  • Value – over $2,600
  • Cost to Owner –  $1,949
  • Dental add-on must be paid in full at enrollment $450
  • Monthly payment $124.92
  • One-time enrollment fee of $69 (waived if pay paying all up front)
  • Saving – over 25% (over $650)
  • Over 25% saving