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Resort Boarding Form

If You Have Boarded With Us In The Last 3 Months, You May Not Need To Fill Out This Form. Call Us At 520-546-8387 To See If We Can Use The Information We Have On File.

For quicker check-out, you can place a credit card on our secure server at check-in that will be used for your Resort deposit and charges. When you arrive to pick up your pet, their chart will have been invoiced and you can collect your receipt and be done.

Please fill out after calling our office and making a reservation

Please fill out this form and submit to our office. We will do all the admitting paperwork and email you back an estimate of charges, including all services requested, for your review. This will streamline and expedite your check-in and check-out process.


Deluxe Suites: Includes 4 walks a day and feeding twice a day. Viewing on internet cameras is possible, but not guaranteed. Location of pets may change during stay.

Luxury Suites: Themed rooms with a TV, individual internet camera, mattress, and bed. Includes 4 walks a day, Pampered Pet Bath, and 15 minute daily playtime.

Feline Suites: Housed in individual cat suites. Playtime in our cat playroom for 15 minutes. Viewing on internet cameras is possible, but not guaranteed.

If you have more than 3 pets, please fill out another form for the additional pets.

***Pets boarding together in the same accommodations need to be compatible. You accept responsibility if there are problems between suite mates.

Dates you would like to have your pet boarded at our resort

General Questions:

If your pet has boarded with us before, were there any issues, concerns, or problems that we can be prepared for to make your pet safe and comfortable?

While your pet is with us, are there any medical concerns you would like examined by a veterinarian or procedures that you would like to have done? Examples include examination, bloodwork, dental treatment, surgery, or grooming.

Does your pet have any pre-existing medical issues? This information allows us to best treat your pets if necessary.

Does your pet have any special care needs? Is your pet diabetic or had recent surgery? If so, one of our veterinary nurses will be assigned to check on your pet or assist in any treatments for an additional fee.

Will Your Pet Need Medication During Their Stay?

If so please list below. All medication needs to be in original prescription bottles labeled with pet’s name, name of drug and dosing (how often). Next dose is approximate time for next treatment after check in.

If your pet needs additional medication, please include the information here:

Required vaccinations -Pets are required to be current on the following vaccinations for:

Cat – FVRCP (feline distemper) and Rabies

Dog – Rabies, Dhpp, Canine Influenza, Bordetella (within last 6 months)

If your pet has been vaccinated elsewhere you will need to bring in proof of vaccination from a veterinary hospital. If proof is not available or vaccinations are not current, they will be done on admission to our facility at an additional cost.

Adobe Veterinary Center believe in the quality of these vaccines to prevent the intended diseases. Together, we provide a guarantee of worry free treatment if your pet contracts a specific disease that the vaccines are intended to prevent. This is only valid for pets that have been vaccinated at our hospital with our vaccines and is treated at our hospital. Proof of cause is required. Symptoms of disease may have many different causes and not all are preventable by vaccination.

If so, please list which ones:

We strive to maintain a flea free environment and we recommend all pets be on flea control prior to admission into our Resort. If on admission your pet is found to have fleas, your pet will be treated with flea control at an additional fee.

Meals - We feed high quality Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach in our Resort and Hospital or you can bring your own food. If you bring your own food, we request that you make individual bags or cans for each feeding. Bags and cans need to be labeled with your name and your pet's name (if you are boarding more than one pet).We normally feed twice a day.

If yes, what diet are you feeding your pet?

Additional Feeding Instructions :


We provide bedding for your pet. We discourage bringing personal items, especially dog beds. These items can become soiled during their stay and may be lost, misplaced, or damaged when separated from your pet for cleaning. If you choose to bring items, they need to be marked with your name using permanent marker. We make every effort to return all personal items, but we do not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged items.

List of items and description:

In Room Suite Services for Canine Guests

To enhance your pet's Resort stay we offer several pampering services. If you would like any of these, please check the box and state how many times during your pet's stay (where applicable).

( Times during stay )

We will serve our pet guest a scrumptious mid-morning snack of a “Honey and Oat Bear Biscuit” and a “Bacon and Egg Biscuit,” adding extra enjoyment while staying in one of our Resort suites.

( Times during stay)

For our pet guests who like to relieve tension by chewing or love them as a snack.

( Times during stay )

For our guests who love to snack on “pet” hors d’oeuvres. We offer a delicious “Bark BBQ Biscuit” along with a healthy “Veggie Biscuit." Our guest will be barking with excitement!

( Times during stay )

Your pet will enjoy some “one on one” time with one of our caring Resort staff members for 10 minutes of running and catching a tennis ball. This will give them an opportunity to get out and run off some excess energy.

( Times during stay )

Our guest will enjoy our turn down service dessert of a “Cinna Swirl Biscuit” and a refreshing “Puppermint Biscuit” before they turn in for the evening.


Your pet will go home feeling fresh and clean with a bath and blow out the day before leaving our Resort. Some restrictions apply.

Our staff will gently clip your pet’s nails.

( Times during stay )

Our guest will receive personal attention from one of our caring Resort staff members with a gentle brushing of their coat and a loving tummy rub before turning for the night.

If you would like your pet to receive additional grooming during their stay, please fill out the information below and we will send you an estimate.

Once you receive your email with the price quote for grooming, you will need to call our office to secure your grooming appointment. Please do this as soon as possible, appointments fill up early.

Haircut notes :

Special Grooming Instructions :

Doggie Day Care

It is a great way for your pet to play, get plenty of exercise and socialize with other dogs. Activities include “Get your paws wet pool time” and “Good Times” play equipment for those who like to “Jump through Hoops”.

Cost while boarding is $17. If you are interested, please call our office and make an appointment for Day Camp behavior evaluation prior to boarding in our Pet Resort. There are certain pre-qualifications required.

A return email will be sent shortly confirming your information and requests. This email will have a treatment plan and estimate for your approval. Follow the link to accept the boarding plan and we will keep this ready for your arrival. Our goal is to shorten and simplify your check-in time without jeopardizing our responsibility to provide your pet the best care.

*****If you do not get a return email in 24 hours please call our office.****