Client Care Coordinator

“I was born in Waukegan, Illinois, but my Navy family moved to San Diego when I was 2 months old. I was raised all over the country because my family was in the Navy. As an adult I started college in Hawaii and soon moved to Oklahoma where I attended the University of Oklahoma. Eventually I moved to Florida where I met my husband. I have a B.S. in Environmental design and a Masters in Regional and City Planning. I have one dog named Kiki who is a 10.5 month old Queensland Heeler Mix. For hobbies I enjoy playing tennis, swimming, traveling and of course playing with my dog Kiki in the park.
I entered the veterinary field a few years ago in Virginia as a career change from the government and corporate world jobs. My love of animals has always been strong and I finally decided it was time to do something in my life I truly enjoyed. Adobe gives me the opportunity to be a part of a caring, compassionate team taking care of the companions that make all of our lives special.”