Small Animal Technician,
Certified Veterinary Technician

“As a graduate from the Pima Community College Veterinary Technology Program in 2006 I desired to work at a clinic that sees a diversity of animals. I enjoy working with cats and dogs, but it’s so exciting to work with horses, goats, and pigs as well! Shortly after graduating from PCC with an associate in Veterinary Technology, I passed the State and National board exams giving me the title of a Certified Veterinary Technician. I am a veterinary technician because I love animals and enjoy teaching people how to take care of their pets, so they can live long, healthy, and happy lives.
In 1999, I moved here with my family from St. Louis, MO after my Dad retired. Today, you’ll find me spending time with my daughters Claire (born March 2013) and Samantha (born November 2015), my husband, Greg, as well as my wonderful pets: Ruby (7yr old Miniature Schnauzer), Rocco (6yr old Boston Terrier/Pug mix), Sylvia (8yr old brown tabby cat), Lafawnduh (2yr black DSH), as well as Ceil and Louis, my 25yr old Russian tortoises. When I am not at work I am camping, hiking, playing sports (especially basketball or golf), or traveling.”