I have been taking my dog(s) to Adobe Vet Center since I moved to Tucson, in 2009. I recently added another dog to the pack [hence the (s)], and both of them actually enjoy going to the vet. This is a big plus for me since I am not sure I could struggle with a 90lb dog and a 100lb dog that would not want to go. My 90lb-er likes it so much I have trouble controlling his excitement. Why do they like it so much? The staff are, without exception, friendly, caring and attentive. Everyone from the front office staff, to the vet techs and veterinarians. We see Dr. Martin and she is excellent. I never feel rushed in the office with her, and I appreciate her conservative approach to care. She always talks with me (not “to” me) about whatever is going on, and we discuss issues and solutions together. She takes special care to examine areas that are potential issues for my dogs – i.e. hips and legs with the Labs. I really can’t say enough good things about Adobe and Dr. Martin. I know others have mentioned that they believe their prices to be higher, but I take a great amount of responsibility for the care of my dogs and don’t think their prices are out of line at all. I’m on a tight budget as a student so I don’t spend my money lightly. I say this to tell you that it is worth the outstanding care that my dogs receive. If you are reading this review, I strongly encourage you to give them a call.

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